ACTRA Member

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs    





Blood & Treasure - HKPD Captain (CBS / April Mullen)

You Gift, I Gift - Charlie (Pandoodles / Ryan Liu)

Behind the Door - Satan (Kaixin Aethelu Wang)

Mayday - Security Inspector (Discovery / Tim Wolochatiuk)

Kitchen Conundrums: Beginner's Unluck - Support / Sous Chef (WeWantKevin / Elle A)

Get Outta Marble - Michael Sparks (RU Films / B. Fieschi-Rose)

Cuspids - Harold (RU Films / Zach Ness)

Mayday - Hong Kong Investigator (Discovery / George D'amato)

Geosology - The Voice (The Mavericks / Mitchell Verigin)

ScreenThru - Scientist (BravoFact / Patrick Maloney)

Slasher VR - Citizen (NBC / Jared Pelletier)

H1-KA - Newscaster (Two Feet / Mercedes de la Zerda)

Anna - Dancer 4 (Daley Dose Films / Natalie Dale)

All For Davey - Reunion Guest (Bougie Productions / Jonathan Edmund)

Off2Kali - Bar Patron (Off2Kali Comedy / Richard Young)

XIII: The Series - Man on the Radio (Shaw / David Winning)

Asian Action - Space Invader (SimEx-Iwerks / Richard Needham)

Covert Affairs - Chinese Security Guard (NBC / USA Network / Kate Woods)

Dan For Mayor - Other Councillor (CTV / Ron Murphy)



Available Upon Request



Asian Action - Morpheus, Commander (Simex-Iwerks / Richard Needham)

The Animal Kingdom - Foxo, Deer, Eagle (Canada iTV Productions)

Taste of Asia - Announcer (Network Production Inc.)

Sin City: Blood of Old Town - Hartigan, Klump (Section J Games)




Legend of the Dragon Boat Festival - Lead / Qu Yuan (Toronto Chinese Business Association)

King's Court - Sir John Norrays (Faires in Time)

Macbeth - Angus (Forward Theatre, Dir. Tommy Taylor)

The Pirate Festival - Captain Cheung Po Tsai (Faires in Time)


Advanced Camera Workshops: Jason Knight, Sharon Forrest, Brian Levy, Gloria Mann, Jeb Beach

Acting for Film & Television: Mark Ingram, Karen Hazzard, Bayo Akinfemi, John Paul Saurine

Acting Fundamentals: Vladimir Bondareno, Sandi Ross, Melee Hutton, Bill Fisher

Voice: Caroly Larson, Michael Ayoub, Michael Harms

Movement: Christopher Sawchyn, Piotr Biernat

Stage Combat: Daniel Levinson, Casey Hudecki, Neil Adams, Julia Porter

Business of Acting: Marilla Wex, Jeffrey Haire, Kalman Szegvary, Agostino Giacomini



Languages: Fluent English and Cantonese Chinese, Basic Oral Mandarin

Swimming, Cycling, Jogging, Weightlifting, Baseball, Paintball, Basic Muay Thai, Intermediate Swing Dancing, Podcasting, Driving (G License)

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